GRAND OPENING: June 6, 2015, 10am to 5pm
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Get to know how MKLA has managed to build up a good reputation throughout Redlands by reading through what our parents have to say about our services.

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Math Made Fun: Mathematics for Children


Parents continually search for the perfect place where their little ones can learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun. If you’re a parent, you’re in luck! Our Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California is here to provide your child with an engaging and enriching early learning experience.

One of the many exciting aspects of our program is how we make math fun for children. Play is a child’s work, and we embrace it. We introduce mathematical concepts through games, puzzles, and interactive activities in a way that feels more like playtime than school. Every child is unique, and our preschool and infant center in Redlands, California recognizes that. We tailor our math lessons to suit each child’s pace and interests, ensuring they develop a strong foundation in mathematics at their comfort level.

We show children that math isn’t confined to the classroom. It’s everywhere! We explore how math is used daily, from measuring ingredients during cooking activities to counting steps during outdoor play. Our passionate and experienced teachers know how to make math exciting. Our early childhood education teachers use creative methods to keep children interested and involved, making every math lesson a memorable experience.

Combining Montessori principles with a play-based approach creates a nurturing environment where children flourish.

If you’re searching for an infant center in California that values hands-on learning, individualized education, and making math fun for children, visit us! Let your child embark on a math adventure at Montessori Kid’s Land Academy. To learn more or schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Your child’s exciting journey into the world of math awaits!

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