GRAND OPENING: June 6, 2015, 10am to 5pm
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Get to know how MKLA has managed to build up a good reputation throughout Redlands by reading through what our parents have to say about our services.

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2019 – 2020 School Calendar
August 2019
*8-1-19 (Thur) Back to school
*Summer Camp Over, Academic Year Starts
September 2019
*9-25-19 (Wed)
*Pediatric/ Dentist Visit to our School @ 9:30am
October 2019
*10-4-19 (Fri) Fire Drill 10:00am
*10-18-19 (Fri) Oak Glen Pumpkin Patch Field Trip @ 11:00 am (School Closes at 10:00am) (Date & Time subject to change)
November 2019
*11/11/19 (Mon)
Observance of Veteran’s Day Holiday (School Closed)

*11-28-19 (Thurs) to 11-29-19 (Fri)
Thanksgiving (School Closed)
December 2019
*12-9-19 (Mon)
Teachers In-Service day
(School Closed)

*12-13-19 (Fri)
Holiday Program Night @ 5:00pm
(School closes at 2pm) (Date & Time subject to change)

*12-23-19 (Mon) to 12-27-19 (Fri)
School Closed for Holiday Recess

*12-30-19 (Mon) Center Opens. Sign-up sheet will be posted for those who chose to attend.
*12-31-19 (Tues) New Year’s Eve & 1-1-20 New Year Day Holiday (School Closed)
January 2020
*1-1-20 (Wed) New Year Day (School Closed)
*1-2-20 (Thur) Center Opens
*1-10-20 (Fri)
Earthquake Drill 9:30am
*1-6-20 (Mon) to 1-10-20 (Fri)
Parent/Teacher Conferences; Progress Reports & Class Work Sent Home
*1-20-20 (Mon)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(School Closed)
February 2020
*2-14-20 (Fri) Valentine’s Day (In Classroom Activity)
*TBA- Police Officer Visit to School
*2-17-20 (Mon) Presidents Day (School Closed)
*TBA- Fire Man Visit to our School
March 2020
*3-2-20 (Mon) to 3-6-20 (Fri)
Seed Planting in our Children’s Garden
*3-17-20 (Tue) St. Patrick’s Day (In-Classroom Activity) Drink, Eat, and wear Green
April 2020
*4-10-20 (Fri) Fire Drill 10:30am
* TBA Picture Day
*4-12-20 (Sun) Easter/Egg Hunt (In Classroom Activity on Friday 4/10/20)
*4-20-20 (Mon) Teachers In-Service Day (School Closed)
May 2020
*5-10-20 (Sun) Mother’s Day (In-Classroom Activity on Friday 5/8/20)
*5-4-20 (Mon) to 5-8-20 (Fri) Progress Reports & Class work sent home
*5-11-20 (Mon) to 5-15-20 (Fri) Parent/Teacher Conferences;
*5-20-20 (Fri) Graduation Ceremony @ 5:00pm (School closes @ 2:15 PM sharp)
*5-25-20 (Mon) Memorial Day (School Closed)
June 2020
*6-1-20 (Mon) Summer Camp Activities
*TBA Library Field Trip
July 2020
* Summer Camp activities continued…
*7-4-20 (Sat) 4th of July, In observance School will be closed on July 3rd (Fri)
*7-10-20 (Fri) Earthquake Drill 11:15am
*7-24-20 (Fri) Open House 5:30pm-6:30pm
*TBA Water Park Field Trip

*Dates and Locations subject to change depending on reservations and availability