GRAND OPENING: June 6, 2015, 10am to 5pm
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Get to know how MKLA has managed to build up a good reputation throughout Redlands by reading through what our parents have to say about our services.

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Building Resilience in Children


Resilient children possess the ability to courageously overcome life’s obstacles and challenges, according to the teachings of Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California. Because they are equipped with the necessary tools, they are able to cultivate a positive outlook and adapt to unfamiliar situations.

To adequately prepare children for the inevitable highs and lows of life, parents and caregivers in childcare or an infant center must aid in the development of resilience. One way to achieve this is by teaching children problem-solving skills, which promote critical thinking and self-reliance. Additionally, reframing failures as learning experiences can nurture a growth mindset and underscore the importance of perseverance.

Furthermore, encouraging children to express themselves effectively at home and in a childcare center cultivates emotional intelligence, confidence, and stress management. These strategies collectively empower children to develop resilience and navigate life’s challenges with success. Remember, resilience is not about shielding children from difficulties, but rather about equipping them with the skills and mindset to navigate life’s hurdles successfully.

In our preschool and infant center in Redlands, California, we prioritize creating a learning environment that fosters resilience and a growth mindset. We want children to thrive and develop their full potential.

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