GRAND OPENING: June 6, 2015, 10am to 5pm
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Get to know how MKLA has managed to build up a good reputation throughout Redlands by reading through what our parents have to say about our services.

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Exploring the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch


Are you ready for an enchanting adventure this fall season? Look no further than our academy, your trusted preschool and infant center in Redlands, California. Our school is known for its commitment to Montessori infant and preschool education, providing a nurturing and educational environment for your little ones.

When the leaves start to change- and a crisp breeze fills the air, it’s the perfect time to explore the wonders of the pumpkin patch. Our Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California, we believe every child should have the opportunity to experience the magic of autumn, which is why we organize trips to the local pumpkin patch.

Our infant center is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of our youngest learners. Even our tiniest tots can join in on the fun and excitement of our pumpkin patch adventures. It’s a fantastic way to introduce them to the beauty of nature and the joy of exploration.

For parents seeking a reliable and caring childcare center in Redlands, California, our academy is your go-to choice. Our pumpkin patch field trips are just one example of the enriching experiences we offer to children in our preschool and infant center.

So, if you’re looking for an exceptional preschool in California that goes above and beyond to provide holistic education and memorable adventures, Montessori Kid’s Land Academy is here for you. Contact us today and let your child embark on an enchanting journey through the pumpkin patch and beyond!

Cultivating Social Interaction and Writing Skills


The significance of collaborative activities cannot be overlooked in the vibrant setting of a Daycare Program, where learning meets play. At Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California, collaborative storytelling emerges as a powerful tool that fosters creativity and enhances young learners’ social interaction and writing skills.

Within the nurturing environment of an infant center, the foundations of collaboration are established. Even at the earliest stages, infants engage in shared activities that lay the groundwork for future interactions. Through simple exchanges and playful interactions, infants begin to understand the art of communication and the joy of shared experiences.

As children progress to the preschool level, the collaborative approach continues to flourish in a preschool and infant center in Redlands, California. Collaborative storytelling becomes an exciting endeavor that ignites young imaginations and strengthens social bonds. Children gather together, combining their ideas to weave imaginative tales that take shape through collective creativity.

Discover how group activities stimulate collaborative storytelling, honing both writing abilities and social engagement. These interactions offer a platform for children to express their thoughts, actively listen to others, and collectively contribute to the narrative. As they share their ideas and incorporate diverse viewpoints, children refine their writing skills and develop essential communication and empathy traits.

At Montessori Kid’s Land Academy, we recognize the immense value of collaborative learning experiences in daycare program. Through collaborative storytelling, we nurture creative thinking and the foundations of effective communication. Join us in witnessing the transformative power of collaboration in cultivating social interaction and writing skills, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

Bonding Activities Everyone in the Family Will Enjoy


Pursuing healthy living is the most rewarding commitment any person could ever have. It holds true for everyone, especially for children. The earlier they start, the better it is for them. That is a basic rule in childcare. When practicing a healthy lifestyle, social wellness must not be neglected along with all health aspects.

People have their respective ways of nurturing social health. Among the ways to boost social wellness is by starting with families. In fostering social wellness, people can never go wrong when they start with the basic unit of the community. It makes it easier for children who are still in preschool and infant center in Redlands, California, and other parts of the world to maintain healthy relationships with other people.

There is no better way for kids to develop healthy bonds with others than by starting with their households. Families can strengthen their relationships and avoid conflicts by doing bonding activities together. Unfortunately, age differences can make this a huge struggle. The good news is there are fun and simple bonding activities that people of all ages will enjoy.

As a premier provider of quality Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California, allow us to share some ideas with you.

  • ­­Charades
  • Volunteering
  • Movie marathon
  • Going on a picnic
  • Cooking or baking

Have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Looking for a state-of-the-art infant center? Montessori Kid’s Land Academy is a perfect choice!

How to Prepare Toddlers for Preschool


Starting school is one of the greatest milestones for any child. It signifies a new beginning for them. In fact, it paves the way for a brighter future for them. They have to be well-prepared in the best way possible. First and foremost, it is important to remember that the change in environment can be daunting for them. Parents must acknowledge this reality before they enroll their children in early childhood programs.

Being in a new environment surrounded by new faces can be intimidating for any child. That is why parents must do everything to help lessen the burden on their children. Before their toddlers start their first day of school in a Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California, parents must ensure their little ones are ready.

Due to their tender age, children need guidance from their parents as much as possible. After all, it is the parents basic responsibility to ensure that their kids are well-equipped before the latter starts studying in a preschool and infant center in Redlands, California, and other areas.

Below are some of the most ideal ways to prepare children for preschool.

  • Have a goodbye plan.
  • Visit the school together.
  • Establish a new daily routine.
  • Role-play about school at home.
  • Share your experiences in school before.

Let your little one create new fun learning experiences in school! Montessori Kid’s Land Academy, a top-notch infant center, is a safe environment for learning for every child. Feel free to find out more about our programs.

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits in Children


As parents, you are well aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep for your children’s overall health and well-being. However, establishing healthy sleep habits in your little ones can sometimes be a challenge, according to seasoned caregivers in an infant center in California. The good news is that with some guidance and consistency, you can create a routine that promotes restful sleep for your children.

Establishing healthy sleep habits in children involves creating a consistent bedtime routine with soothing activities. It is important to make the bedroom dark, quiet, and comfortable to ensure a sleep-friendly environment. Additionally, it is advisable to remove electronic gadgets to avoid the temptation of engaging in screen time before bed. Implementing these strategies will help regulate sleep patterns and promote restful nights for children.

When enrolling your child in a daycare program or summer camp activities, it is crucial to ensure that they have a restful sleep. This will allow them to participate in activities with energy and enthusiasm, as well as promote better moods, encouraging socialization and enjoyment.

In our preschool and infant center in Redlands, California, we prioritize the importance of nap time and provide a comfortable and safe environment for children to rest. You can trust our staff to look after them at all times.

For more information about Montessori Infant and preschool education in Redlands, California, please contact Montessori Kid’s Land Academy.

Building Resilience in Children


Resilient children possess the ability to courageously overcome life’s obstacles and challenges, according to the teachings of Montessori infant and preschool education in Redlands, California. Because they are equipped with the necessary tools, they are able to cultivate a positive outlook and adapt to unfamiliar situations.

To adequately prepare children for the inevitable highs and lows of life, parents and caregivers in childcare or an infant center must aid in the development of resilience. One way to achieve this is by teaching children problem-solving skills, which promote critical thinking and self-reliance. Additionally, reframing failures as learning experiences can nurture a growth mindset and underscore the importance of perseverance.

Furthermore, encouraging children to express themselves effectively at home and in a childcare center cultivates emotional intelligence, confidence, and stress management. These strategies collectively empower children to develop resilience and navigate life’s challenges with success. Remember, resilience is not about shielding children from difficulties, but rather about equipping them with the skills and mindset to navigate life’s hurdles successfully.

In our preschool and infant center in Redlands, California, we prioritize creating a learning environment that fosters resilience and a growth mindset. We want children to thrive and develop their full potential.

If you want to learn more about our early childhood programs, please get in touch with Montessori Kid’s Land Academy!